continuous assistance after the event

APART is an international event connected to the first centralized fashion hub, born from the collaboration with IACCW and the best offices and fashion professionals.
APART offers assisted solutions for the US and west coast markets. 

No exhibition event offers exhibitors the possibility of having direct and specialized assistance in the fashion sector on all aspects useful for internationalization



MADE Strategy is an international consulting fashion hub, offering personalized services in brand management, productions made in Italy, marketing and sales.

Thanks to a staff of veteran industry insiders with diverse industry experience, MADE Strategy is able to support designers and companies in every aspect of brand growth, from production, to brand recognition, to sales, everything a business needs to transform goals into reality. Our custom solutions are made to lead business growth and market expansion worldwide.

Based on an initial consultation, there are a variety of services MADE Strategy can provide working together with the brand and tailoring the plan to achieve the best results

  • Market analysis to individuate the right target and expansion plan into new markets

  • Solidify and grow the brand presence in existing markets

  • Improve the brand’s image and value

  • Find reliable top quality made in Italy productions

  • Promote the brand in the European fashion market