The perfect solution.

APART is the B2B trunk show event dedicated to high-end Italian fashion and life style.
The aim of the event is to present and introduce exclusive products on the American market with a reduced investment and effective operations.

APART has been selected as a reference fashion event by the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles I.A.C.C.W.
It will be held at the Chamber of Commerce in the heart of West Hollywood in a space that welcomes new projects in development in the world of fashion and design.




APART is an event for niche fashion and design.
It is designed to be effective.
A promotion and sales event that allows high level and even unstructured brands to get contacts, sales and visibility, with limited economic impact and a host of high-level services.
APART is not a trade show.
APART selects its exhibitors and invitees to create targeted connections.
APART provides the niche manufacturer with the distribution outlet they need, that a trade show can not guarantee them.
APART assists agencies and distributors with an ideal product selection and gives assistance to the fashion company that wants to sell abroad


* ·     Minor investment for participation APART does not rent exhibition spaces, but offers a  service.

·     Participation costs are extremely reduced, compared to a traditional trade show

·     Specialized personnel available The American buyer deals with area personnel. The brand gets a better impact, wins buyer’s diffidence and saves on expensive *** transfers

·     Communication of the brand APART communicates the  adherents brands, which no fair can do, counting on hundreds of exhibitors

·     Targeted and non-random invitations APART invites visitors
  interested in the type of brand, it does not create random flows.

·     Targeted search for distribution channels Identifying serious distribution channels and distribution agencies interested in collaboration are the primary needs of a brand


APART began in Los Angeles in 2014, from the need of some high-end retailers and distributors to have an exhibition for clients of the same level that was not dispersive and expensive, but effective.
Finding solutions for their customers led these professionals to hypothesize something that was not yet on the market, which was neither an expensive trade show, too big and generic for niche brands, nor a showroom or a private agency too linked to the territory, to ensure proper international sales.
APART was the solution: an event, entrusted to experts specializing in individual markets, hosting a selection of complementary and non-competing brands and offering to buyers and operators credible things of the same level, but above all that it would create direct connections, targeted invitations and programmable encounters.
 offers to international operators a selection of complementary products, selected by fashion professionals to ensure homogeneity of relationship, timing, regular shipments and custom assistance.
APART offers a selection of serious, effective top-level customers or distributors to fashion and design companies.