MEMORY’S a special brand

Alessandro Marchesi, owner and creator of Compagnia del Denim, has created the brand Memory's: the clothing line that is characterized by an almost maniacal attention to the fabrics choice the handmade finishings and the research of details, to create a perfect mix between past and present, aiming to preserve the vintage flavor through a modern, design and fashion reinterpretation. Unique garments that preserve all the flavor of the streetlife, the people encountered and the stories already lived. Memory's ltd is a true philosophy of life.

From fashion to lifestyle to embrace the world of food and beverage, and that's how “La Bottega diMemory's” was born. The project conceived by Alessandro and followed by his niece Nike Giurlani, rises in Sassoferrato in the heart of Italy, in the ancient family tavern since 1828, transformed today into a bistro with a unique and special atmosphere. This is a new format that combines the excellence of the central Italy in terms of wine, food and clothing products.


Exclusively for APART 2018, Memory 's brand has presented two new projects,. The first, concerns the Memory's recycled line, a limited edition capsule where each piece is a vintage, unique and special , tailor-made for the military of different grades and reinterpreted in a modern way, with original embroideries and urban-style. The second is Memory's Water or “Acqua delle Stelle”, the idea of Memory's Water is a project that takes inspiration from an ancient story that takes us back 65 million years ago. A meteorite fallen down from the outern space right in the historical heart of Italy and that would have spread rare minerals, of which this water is rich.