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Arte Facta for FIDU, (Federazione Italiana per I Diritti Umani) Italian Human Rights Federation

 Youth Empowerment for Environment Project

Arte Facta, a company that produces fashion jewelry and handbags collections , has created a limited edition jewel in gold-plated brass inspired by the first manifesto of the “Environment and Innovation Commission”, created by Imaginarium Creative Studio, awarded in Los Angeles as Italian Excellence for the Art with the Green Award conferred by Italy - America Chamber of Commerce West and by the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles. The sale revenues of this jewel will be entirely donated to the "Youth Empowerment for Environment" project for Italian schools. This lucky charm is a cassette tape (a symbol that embodies many meanings: the ability of man to build artifacts, but at the same time to turn them into waste. All of us in the past have kept music cassettes by entrusting thoughts, music or words to the magnetic tape, with the desire to keep them forever; no one would have imagined, at that time not so far, that all this would turn into waste and then environmental pollution.

             "The cure for everything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea."

                                                                                                                             Karen Blixen

This phrase was one of the sources of inspiration for the creation of the lucky charm, on the back is set a small crystal in the shape of a drop, a drop of ocean.

The drop of the ocean is also symbolically a tear: the question that we have faced with the evidence of the environmental catastrophe we are experiencing does not allow us only to cry, so effort, commitment and sweat are what keeps us going in supporting awareness campaigns with the ways Artefacta knows: creation and design.

What interests us is that people become aware, the moment you become aware of a serious problem you can not continue to ignore it. If we stay alone we are only lost drops, but together we can form the vast ocean of life.


The effort must be collective, our daily actions, drop by drop, can contribute to change the behaviors and their nefarious effects.

This jewel will serve to remind those who buy it that every day it is necessary to do good actions for the Planet.


The FIDU - Italian Human Rights Federation - set up the Environment and Innovation Commission in July 2018

The three-year program was presented in the Italian Senate on 11 October 2018. The first project in the list is the "Youth Empowerment 4 Environment" project for Schools.

The Commission is chaired by Claudia Laricchia, Climate Leader of Al Gore's “The Climate Reality Project” and head of the institutional relations of the Future Food Institute, which has distinguished itself for its commitment to environmental sustainability through sensitization actions of international relevance.